History has never been made by the millions; the few who sacrificed did all the world is proud of. The silent, earnest thinker moves the mass… It is necessary that we be Men whom no danger shall deter and no indifferentism shall shall discourage; that we be Men whose love of right and truth alone shall be sufficient to make them persevere and rise superior to all the disillusions which unselfish effort has to face. (1)Sinn Fein co-founder William Rooney

Revelation Sky Harmony Foundation provides information and support for people in the transition time to infinitely sustainable lifestyles based around a synthesis of the visions presented in the Ringing Cedars books by Vladimir Megre (from his discussions with a remarkable woman known as Anastasia deep in the Russian taiga in Siberia), the practical spiritual techniques taught by the Clairvision School and the Gnostic teachings as presented by John Lamb Nash in his book “Not in His Image”.


The Foundation operates as a Private Foundation charitable, not-for-profit (NFP), non-government-organisation (NGO) for holistic community service, altruistic and spiritual purposes established to encourage, foster and support the maintenance of the ‘Sovereign Rights’ of humankind, the socially minded, community based and environmentally sustainable land and self-sufficiency concepts and projects for its members and humankind, the spiritual advancement of humanity, the advancement of the arts, science and true learning and the regeneration of humankind and all life on earth.

We receive no external funding for providing so rely entirely the activities of our participants. We use our funds to support the Fred Hollows Foundation with their critical work in restoring eyesight to the poor, to provide ongoing sponsorship for education to children rescued from sex slavery in Cambodia through Free to Shine (and would encourage you to do the same) and to provide education on the core sustainability principals of food, fibre, fuel, security and medical knowledge and skills.

The primary purpose of the Foundation is to fund, facilitate, implement, and operate projects and enterprises that are as sustainable in the atmosphere and environment on earth as possible, and to advise and educate its members and the public on these same sustainable and spiritual principles. The principle of ‘Do No Harm’ is fundamental to the Foundation’s establishment and was unanimously agreed to as the philosophy by the Founding Members/ Principal Participants at its inception.

Our core objectives are:

  • To serve, help and support unselfishly other human beings on their journeys to realise their true nature and potential;
  • To promote the spiritual advancement of mankind through the provision of training and facilities to allow and encourage the systematic exploration of consciousness through meditation and direct personal experience of the godhead and non-physical realities.
  • To promote and demonstrate sustainable building, renewable energy systems, permaculture/closed energy systems and the implementation and promotion of such technologies that support these aims.
  • To support and foster the freedom of the human race from exploitation and entrapment.

This Foundation’s purpose applies equally to all humanity, irrespective of colour, caste, nationality, creed, sect, religion or gender.

The foundation operates the Tanen Farm project to provide training and demonstration of Kin Domain concepts, sustainable farming and power generation towards the establishment of Kindom. We are located on the slopes of the south side of the Porongurup Ranges in Western Australia.

In truth and peace.
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Reverend N. Robinson
Universal Life Church
“We are all children of the one creator”

“I exist for whom I exist” Anastasia

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1. Sinn Fein co-founder William Rooney