The man of the Fourth Post-Atlantean epoch was called upon to strive with might and main for consciousness in the physical body; the man of the Fifth Post-Atlantean epoch must strive to become conscious in the spiritual world, so to expand his consciousness that it reaches into the spiritual world. ~ Rudolf Steiner

The Clairvision School (CV) was founded by Dr Samuel Sagan who died peacefully on September 13th 2016. For over 30 years Samuel, in conjunction with students, built a school of meditation dedicated to training people to a high level. The knowledge, techniques and models that are his life’s work are resolutely experiential, focused on helping seekers attain heightened states of consciousness and awakening.

The school that does not rest on the central axis of a teacher, but one which is collectively held and run by the fellowship of seekers (listen to Samuel’s free talks about Teacher vs Guru here to understand the difference between a fellowship and other systems of teaching). The vast wealth of teachings he has unfolded over the years has been captured in books, talks, courses and training and continues after his death.

Clairvision is for people who are tired of trying to discern the truth from fiction. Who want a scientific western approach to spiritual teachings with techniques that actually work and can be reproduced time after time accross thousands of students. It is for people who have done chakra meditations and found no benefit, people who are tired of visualisations and affirmations and for people who want substance in their spirituality but don’t want to adhere to any particular dogmas or feel that they are missing something because they don’t speak the language native to the practices. Most people who persist in CV have already been exposed to several other traditions or groups and have been actively involved in spiritual pursuits for many years and found other systems of knowledge lacking for one reason or an other.

RevelationSky Harmony Foundation welcomes all students of Clairvision in Western Australia to meet and work together the teachings of the school. Please contact us if interested. We also provide free copies of the schools introductory material Meditation, Portal To Inner Worlds (4 x Audio CD’s) and Awakening the Third Eye (e-book) on request. Simply complete the form below and the foundation will send you a copy as stock and funding arrives.

Please note that if you are not a resident in Australia we can only provide electronic copies of the materials as the postage system in Australia is hideously expensive to send anything.