The Clairvision Process

The core process of the Clairvision School is the work of building of the four subtle bodies (physical, ethic / chi /prana, astral / mental body and Ego / higher self) which lead to the transformed versions of the same. The work itself is what is termed Transpersonal existence as opposed to Prepersonal and Personal existence.

In Prepersonal existence the person experienced life as a result of external actions effecting them (the Gods’s did it to me vision of the world). Personal existence is where everything had to be done by yourself through your own personal effort and the works of Spiritual Beings are seen as having little to do with yourself (hard work, very much what most people have been doing). Transpersonal existence is allowing greater spiritual beings to work with you (not channelling which is dangerous) to assist in the building of your non-physical bodies and the opening of your own vision.

You never believe anything in the Clairvision work, you have only direct personal experience and can speak then from knowing. It is designed for the Western cultural background, which in my experience makes it unique, and is designed to be used in the world in your daily life. Through this you vision blossoms and you are able to see the world as it is, not in what you believe the world to be.

If you choose to request an audio kit, there are two talks and two practical meditations. If all you ever did was the meditation technique set out in those CD’s every morning (for 20 to 45 minutes), consistently and without fail then many things will be revealed to your vision. If you want to do more, know more then you can work with the Clairvision School themselves.

I only ask that if you order an audio kit and then do not use it, please gift it away to someone who may benefit from the teachings and techniques or post it back to the foundation (addressed to 504 Millinup Road, Porongurup WA 6324) so it can be passed on to another seeker.