Solar and Wind Power

The most readily available home-scale power generation system is solar energy and wind power, however of these two solar is the better option for most (for reasons I will go into later).

Simply combining solar panels, a solar charge regulator and batteries will enable you to become self-sufficient from the mains power grid provided by the energy companies. In the following sections we will learn about the different components of a solar energy system and how they are combined to form a complete system.

WARNING and DISCLAIMER: The equipment that is used in solar power generation generates high voltages and currents that can kill. The information provided here is for your education and should you decide to put together your own system, please used a qualified electrician to ensure that the system is safe on commissioning. Take extra care when working with your assembly to avoid electric shock. Using any of the information here you accept that RevelationSky Harmony Foundation will not be held responsible for injury or death resulting from this knowledge.