In the order of survival important food comes in fourth place. It is commonly said that you can survive 30 days without food, but the reality of this is you *might* survive that long but way before then you will be suffering considerable mental impairment and the longer you go without food, the less chance you will have of getting it as your energy levels drop and mental confusion sets in.

There is a interesting documentary called After Armageddon that looks at a fictional scenario where a family finds themselves without food, water and all that stuff we take for granted. You can watch the whole thing online here if you are interested. Of note is the comments by doctors on the effects of lack of food and how people, even if starving, will still refuse to eat some things (in the documentary the young boy refuses to eat snake).

What this documentary shows is that people like to eat what they always eat. A sudden change of diet or the unavailability of certain food can really mess with your week / month / year / life. It is sometimes tempting to try to grow strange and possibly amazing things, but if granny and the kids hate it then it was a waste of time. Always grow what you will eat.

This section of the site looks at various methods of food growing, ideas and all things food related that will help you out in the event of a disruption in the food supply or just to make living cheaper. It also is a way to ensure that you are not eating dangerously or nutrient deficient highly prepared food. Watch Food Inc sometime if you have not already.

I am seed and he is man. His warmth surrounds me and I surround him too. I will stand tall beside him, remind him that he is loved. And this day that is now, man is so tired from being away from me, seed for so long. But no worries, cause I have everything he needs and he has everything I need too, and life will continue to grow from this place. We make it now, always available, gods sacred space for man, and mans sacred place for life too.

That makes life more than an existence but a space of love. That special flavour, only man has it, we will all share together. I am seed and I never lose faith, man slowly comes back to me, he says sorry in his eyes for years of abuse and neglect. For forgetting me, so that I am lonely without gods light in man. He puts me in his mouth, and I taste him as he tastes me, he is starting to remember and so am I. He blows gently on me and puts me high up so I catch the first glimpse of light. I feel beneath this moment the tears unshed within man, for the barrenness in his land and his heart too. How did this happen, I have all the answers, and I will stand by man too, no matter whatever comes, I will remind man that he is loved. I look forward to your creations divined in love.

~ by afallenleaf~