This area of the RevelationSky website provides information and support for people in the transition time to infinitely sustainable lifestyles and deep spirituality based around a synthesis of the visions presented in the Ringing Cedars books by Vladimir Megre (from his discussions with a remarkable woman known as Anastasia deep in the Russian taiga in Siberia), the practical spiritual techniques taught by the Clairvision School and the Gnostic teachings as presented by John Lamb Nash in his book “Not in His Image”.

As “Modern” Man1 is facing a crisis of his own making. There is a urgent need for a new way of life that can be embraced by Man that is sustainable, healthful and promotes community and integration with nature and each other.

I look back and my tears they do fall,
I glance forward and I smile,
The horizon’s eager anticipation,
Paints a picture that all the while,
Has been awaiting my return…our return,
And the day is brighter, the night quiet,
As I re-dream rebuilding our lives, our love,
Where there is no chaos, no riot,
Only a life of gladness, replete with,
The Father’s aspirations, The Mother’s inclinations,
Of birth and rebirth, of Love, of Light,
And in beauteous awe I admire Their creations,
So I dream that there is only a life in gladness,
An end to madness, as I sigh the deep sigh,
Of relief, of The Good restored, an Earth adored,
As the Grand Dream, love’s blossom, draws nigh.


Open your mind. Think deeply and clearly and avoid jumping to preconceived conclusions based on what you think you know without first challenging yourself to discern who fed you that knowledge in the first place. When was the last time you asked yourself…

  • Who taught you what you know?
  • Who do you listen to? What messages are you receiving from conventional media? How do you determine what’s real and what’s not?
  • When was the last time you turned OFF the television and really pondered some issue at length, on your own, looking at it from all sides, including the sides you’ve been told to ignore? Heck, when was the last time you asked WHY you are being told to ignore it in the first place!

Other questions may be even more important than the preceding ones, as they involve really tuning into yourself.

  • Where do you fall within the scheme of nature?
  • Do natural laws apply to you?
  • Where does science fit in? How far can science take you? Are you willing to gamble the future of your children on the assurances of mega-companies like Monsanto, who have tremendous responsibility to their shareholders to turn a profit in a crumbling market?
  • To what degree do you think man-made chemicals can improve your health? What IS health, really? What does your body really need in order for all those trillions of cells to thrive in harmony?

A Kins Settlement is one solution to the madness that has been created by Man at this point in time. It is a solution to the health and mental crisis that is affecting all dwellers of “civilised society”. It addresses our relationship to planet Earth, each other and to the greater parts of ourselves.

Man has control of only the individual self and what is reflected outward is a result of what is created inside. Stand tall with a fast mind and loving heart and peace will surround you. Remain true to oneself while causing no harm and paradise shall be created.

~ I am Phil

A kin’s settlement (or kindom) is a group of closely situated Kin Domains whose owners have become united in a general partnership for the joint construction of a kins domains and for the creation of the appropriate infrastructure for administrative, educational, medical, cultural, entertainment, and other social establishments and institutions.

In Western Australia the concept of common land for the purposes of the establishment of a kins settlement can only be done through subdivision which allows for the development of multiple residences within close proximity to each other. Rural zoning laws prohibit the construction of more than two residences on a single title.

Unfortunately the costs involved with the establishment subdivisions is beyond the means of most (including this author). However, it is hoped that with the creation of the RevelationSky Harmony Foundation that through its activities funds will eventuate to establish a Kins Settlement in the South West of Western Australia.

In the interim, the establishment of Tanen Farm in the Porongurup Ranges is working towards concepts, skills and practical experience in operating a Kins Domain as envisioned in the Ringing Cedars of Russia series.

I stand at a crossroads
between that which is real
and that which exists in deception
between empty promises
and the heaviness of Truth

To my left is the white-sanded beach
That lures me in with all its glory
As I run to it
It turns into a particle of dust
And leaves not a trace of its memory
Except for a subtle laugh
Intended to shake up my utter naivety
After all, how can one grasp the ungraspable?
Conquer the unconquerable?
Love that which is unreal?

To my right is the house on a hill
It speaks to me softly, steadily, compassionately
It asks me to come home

I walk towards it and ask, “What could I possibly offer you beyond this restless mind? OR these hands that know so little about fence and flowers or land and lawn?”

It replies to me gently and lovingly, “You are restless because a home you have not had. Come inside and take rest. In the morning, I shall help you discover the secrets of the garden – and within it you will feel Life’s eternal bond.”

~ Lavender Girl from The Ringing Cedars forum ~

1 Man with a capital “M” is used throughout this site to refer to the entire human species, both male and female.