Living Fences

A question of no small importance that is not resolved in city conditions and even in the modern cottage settlement is the proximity of neighbours and the frequently common fence with them. In the conditions of a Kin’s Domain, it is necessary to plan for the presence of roads and paths around each of the four sides of a parcel. Moreover the size of the paths is not less than three to four metres the size of the road is two or three times greater. Where there is no common fence with a neighbour there are no boundary disputes.

“Look, O Universe, look! Behold my son! Man! He stands upon the earth. He is material! And in him are particles of all the diverse energies of the Universe. He dwells on all the planes of being. My image and likeness he is, and in him are particles of all your diverse energies… My son shall bring joy to all living on the earth. He is creation! He is birth! He is all of all! He will create a new creation, and will transform into infinity his very-repeating regeneration.”

~ God in “Co-Creation”,
Book 4 of The Ringing Cedars Series, p14 ~

A hedge, where trees and shrubs preserve their natural appearance, does not require special care in the future. Its width may be from three to ten metres, its height from 15 to 20 metres. Only in such circumstances are neighbours “not seen and not heard.” A hedge is able to provide protection not only from the wind, dust, and extraneous odours, but also from noise. And tall forest trees and flowering shrubs do not provoke irritation from the surrounding neighbours, as would (for example) a high stone fence.

A small forest planted with one’s own hands will over time provide mushrooms, berries and nuts. It will serve as a home for birds and animals, who have their own role to play in the ecosystem of the domain. If a forest is growing nearby, then the harvest of potatoes will increase by 25 to 30%, the harvest of fruits, from 45 to 50%, and grasses by 100%.

The Kin’s Domain is in fact a forest glade built by the members of a family, a type of “garden in the forest” where everything exists that is necessary for the life and nutrition of a family.