Shelter comes in at number two on the survival list, just after air. Most people would probably consider that water and food are more important, but reality states that just three hours of exposure to inclement weather can kill. This is probably why, at a subconscious instinctive level, many people are obsessed with their homes (just visit Bunnings on a weekend).


In this section of the site we will look at different ways of constructing shelter, either on a permanent or transient / emergency basis.

“Everything is proceeding with acceleration. Everything is astir in Me. O, how marvellous is inspiration here above! And now let the dreams of My creation come to fruition in most radiant Love!”

~ God in “Co-Creation”,
Book 4 of The Ringing Cedars Series, p12 ~

Each owner of a kins domain will build their own house with their own hands and those of family and friends. Construction is to be done as much as possible using ecologically sustainable building practices and materials where government regulations permit (such as Straw Bale and EarthBag construction).